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Your Online Course Will Be Successful If You Do These 4 Steps Well

Being a successful course creator means handling 3 phases of your course launch very professionally i.e. the presale period, the launch itself and the post-sale period.

The buzz you get from the presale phase which leads to audience anticipation plus the excitement of the launch day both are very natural, but what most course creators forget to do is focus on the post-sale period. If you want to ensure long-term success, pay attention to the third phase!

You may take a breath of relief when the purchasing of your course begins but with that roll up your sleeves once again to do some post-sale work.

Start thinking about the next steps – what happens after people take your course, how will you work on these new relationships and how will you convince these customers to keep buying from you.

When we talk about long-term post-launch success of an online course, we can take the following four pillars of success into consideration:

Step 1: Avoid too much information!

Most course creators think that since a customer is paying money, they should get access to ALL the information and expertise about a topic through their course. Keep in mind that even if you’re charging a good amount of money, you do not need to put everything on your course – In fact it could actually backfire!

Keep the keyword in mind – ‘right’. Give them the right information – not ‘all’ the information.

Take for example a search engine like Google which would open up a thousand results for your search, your course shouldn’t be like that.

Your online course should give selective information to the customer that contains value for them.

Think about what exactly your student is seeking from your course and then give them exactly that. Give them the right solution to their issue.

Successful online course creators avoid stuffing and fluffing their content – their focus is for their audience to get results.

If your course has too many sections with too much information, students will become overwhelmed any may leave the course midway.

This means they didn’t get the value you were offering and they didn’t achieve their goals. So, make your course easy to take, implement and learn from so the audience can bring the change they were seeking.

Key points:

  • Split your course content into smaller chunks.
  • Package the chunks into separate online courses (instead of one big information overload)
  • This helps in offering a stronger transformation initially and you can target the same kids in the future for more sales.

Step 2: Make your students your marketing team!

The ‘transformation’ your course offers to customers leads them to write good reviews and testimonials about your course which obviously helps in getting more customers to buy your course.

On the sales page of your course, apart from the curriculum & content, you can put up the transformation it will provide to the students.

Moreover you can let your past and current students tell potential customers how your course has affected their lives for the better.

Testimonials are a very smart marketing tactic to sell your online course because it lets your audience describe how life was for them before and after your course.

So always ask your students to write testimonials after they take your course (you can send them a questionnaire too) – oh and video testimonials are the best!

Key points:

  • Your past students are your sales team who can happily vouch for your course and ‘spread the word’ so feature them on your sales page or website.
  • Long- term online course success comes from trust earned from satisfied former customers.

Step 3: Focus On Your Die-Hard Fans

After making a sale you might be interested in finding new customers to sell your course to, but keep in mind the long-term success of your course depends on your relationship with currently paying customers.

The success lies in finding loyal customers of your brand – people who will buy every product you have to offer.

Focusing on these ‘super fans’ is far more important than getting more followers or new customers. This is because creating super fans will automatically lead to getting more traffic, subscribers and followers for your product.

This specialized clan that you produce will support you and your journey through and through.

So you have two jobs to do – help your customers achieve a goal or solve an issue through your course and continue to nurture a relationship with them after they’ve taken your course.

So how do you go about creating super fans? You have to retain and engage them.


You can create a private community where they can interact with you and other people who have similar interests and issues.

Students who bought your course can be offered Q&A sessions or coaching. Students will definitely prefer a course where they can ask questions in the long run.

Keep in mind these 20% of super fans will bring in 80% of your business revenue so work on that relationship!

Step 4: Keep Your Course Content Updated!

People who spent money buying your course want to hear what you have to say so expect them to get in touch with you again for some more knowledge in the future.

So keep your online course information fresh and updated in fact keep improving on it as technology advances and trends change.

Yes it’s important for your business to start up new projects but it is just as crucial to maintain the quality of your existing ones.

Always look for ways to expand your product base.

By expanding your product range you can assist your customers in covering all bases when learning about a certain topic.

Watch out for trends related to your topic so you can create and offer new online courses or expand existing ones.

You can through in some eBooks, workbooks and coaching packages in the mix too.

So to sum it up, we’ve learned that a course creator’s priority should be long-term online course success which can be achieved by serving your currently paying customers.

By keeping the 4 steps in mind, long-term sustained course success becomes achievable to let’s look at them one more time:

  • A course that offers a transformation (valuable and clear)
  • A sales page with testimonials by loyal customers who sell for you
  • Building nurturing relationships with customers
  • Expanding product base or new offerings
  • A flourishing online course is one with superb course content, regular upgradation and attention to customer needs and now you know how to formulate it!

Your Online Course Will Be Successful If You Do These 4 Steps Well
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